You like email blasts? Then rotate your IPs addresses..

by admin on April 7, 2009

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Okay, so I have a client with a list of tens of thousands of email addresses and they were sending out email blasts and maybe 1 out of 500 emails were getting through. Now these email addresses were acquired in a perfectly legitimate fashion, and they have an opt-out option so there should be no reason for the spam filters to be set to "nuke."

Except that nowadays spam filters are so sensitive that you sneeze twice and your domain gets a free listing on spamhaus. Meanwhile, the blackhat mailers buy entire blocks of  C-class IP addresses (255 a shot) and bulk register thousands of domains. Which means their emails that start with "Win a free Ipod" get through to Fred at yourtown marketing agency, while your emails get shredded, even though you are godfather to Fred's eldest son.

The solution to this? Register a few domains similar to your company name, and order more IP addresses through the email software that I assume you are using. Most email marketing software packages (if not all) will give you the option to change IP addresses, because of the reasons stated above.

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