Yellow Pages the Money Machine

by admin on February 19, 2009


Okay, when you think of Yellow Pages you are thinking: Pre-internet. If there ever was a dinosaur that was going to be made extinct by the internet, not to mention the current ongoing world financial crisis that is going to whack many a printer, you would say "Yellow Pages." And you would be wrong.

At least in Canada, anyways. Up here yellow pages is smokin' or I should say, the company that owns Yellow Pages is doing very well financially.

A historical note needs to be added here: A number of years ago, Bell Canada spun off it's Yellow Pages division into a separate company which has a trust status.

If you are too lazy to follow the link, here are the highlights: 23% dividend (yes that's right 23%), net earnings$500 million (in Canada, which is 1/10 the market of the US), organic growth 5% year  over year in a year where most companies are skydiving towards the basement.

How are they doing that? Gee, maybe they took all their content and put in on the web. Maybe they realized that printing was not their core asset, but the publishing of information, no matter what the media, could generate revenue.

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