Windows 2000, Viruses, and Prepress: The Gathering Storm

by admin on January 3, 2008

Karen, our lovely and talented service rep from Kodak came in today and was in a bit of a down mood because she has to travel into the interior to fix a Lotem Controller issue (the dry air chaps her lips).

And the reason why she has to endure chapped lips is the same reason why the coming year is going to be a difficult one for many prepress shops: The Lotem Controller has a virus.

I blogged about the virus attacks that hit Printcraft, and came to the conclusion that ANY Windows 2000 server or workstation in the shop is inherently vulnerable to viruses or trojans. Fortunately, our Prinergy server is Windows 2003, and I installed Sophos on our few remaining Windows 2000 legacy servers.

The shop that Karen is visiting had Expo (the software that connects Prinergy to the Lotem) running on the Windows 2000 workstation that is the Lotem Controller. Which means most likely they had a network share with weak passwords that was exploited by the trojan.

We had an accursed trojan that was living in our shop for weeks, if not months, and the only sympton was occasional downtime on the internet and finally, the dead giveaway, our IP address was identified as the source of spamming.

So basically, if emails from your shops started getting thrown in the spam filters, check your IP address at DNSstuff and see if you are getting blacklisted. It's easy to find the infected computers on your network, just browse into your router and check outgoing traffic. Hit me in the comments if you don't know how to do this.

How many prepress shops have Windows 2000 running legacy applications. Pretty well everybody. Like I said before, this year is going to be purgatory for a lot of folks in printing.

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