Where did we all go?

by admin on April 14, 2011

No, I'm not dead.

Although if I pull another "let's work until midnight again all week shindig, it's gonna feel like it. It's not the late nights that are so painful. It's the mornings.

I'm the tech guy behind two financial newsletters http://oilandgas-investments.com/ and Midasletter http://www.midasletter.com/. The writers cover energy and mining stocks in the North American junior markets, respectively.  In case you haven't noticed, oil and gas and other commodities have been going like stink. Hence the late nights.

Let's move on:

Copperleaf Technologies http://www.copperleafgroup.com/about_team.aspx is still going strong. I have to say this: How come Stan always poses for the exec pix with a golf shirt? I think he wore a golf shirt for the exec VP picture with Creo too. All these years and he can't afford a sports jacket? The mind boggles.

Dave K. http://www.davekauffman.ca/ and metabadge. Who remembers metabadge? That's the first thing I thought of when I found he's working for Tantalus http://www.tantalus.com/index.php

Bob C. is over at Sophos http://www.sophos.com/ and from what I heard, he has a whackload of ex-Prinergy developers working with him.

It's a funny thing,  I see ex-Creoites everywhere. Last week the wife of Will V. was in the neighbourhood, looking for a house to buy so they could be closer to their Mom.

AJ. L. has a kid in the same karate class as my youngest boy.

Deborah Holowka, previously Global Business Process Improvement Leader at Kodak is an artist who paints oil.  Yeah, I'm not kidding check our her site http://www.danusha.ca/.

Amos is my friend! Well okay he accepted my invitation at Linkedin to be his friend. And so what if he has more than 500 connections on Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/amosmichelson, any day now I expect a phone call and an invite to another dinner with him at Seasons Restaurant.

Gordon Pritchard is still blogging away http://qualityinprint.blogspot.com/

Some people, amazingly, are still working at Kodak. I won't name them.

I used to talk about Creo to people who never worked there until finally some friends started to look at me funny and say "dude, you don't work there anymore, you haven't worked there for years, you should move on."

So I did. So all we all did. But last week I had a drink (okay drinks) with a friend I've known since university. He's been at the same organization for close to 20 years. He's  hated his job for more than 10. Truly, honestly, loathed his work environment and the people around him. He more than hates his job. He hates the very idea of  "working:"The very thought of joining a group and trying to create something.

I think at some point in the past I tried to tell him it didn't have to be like that. A  group of people could do things differently and do wonderful things working together. But I don't think he understood or maybe he just didn't believe it. Maybe you had to be there.

credo ut intelligam

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