When Your IP Address ends up on the SPAM list…

by admin on November 5, 2007

About a week ago, e-mail from Printcraft Solutions started to get bounced from customer sites that had installed the Barracuda firewall solution. After reading the directions of the bounced email, I went to their "unblock mail" page and typed in our IP address (entry page to check IP address is here).

Days later, we are still on the list, and no Barrcuda rep has emailed or phoned us. So I submit a request again to be unblocked. Same result. Fantastic, how useful is a SPAM blocker that won't unblock upon request? Arrrgghhh!

Then, I got blocked when try to surf to a website. So I thought I better check to see if the blacklist that we were on was owned by Barracuda or if they were grabbing the feed from somebody else. Spamhaus had our IP address down as being listed in the XCBL. So THAT led to me to "Composite Blocking List." And FINALLY I reach a website that is helpful with content written by a techie and not some marketing fluff.

So I figure out that we ended up on the blacklist the exact same day we swapped out rounters so my firewall was compromised that day. Better yet, it actually has a page where you can request to be unblocked.

I requested  our IP address to be unblocked  on Friday. By today (Monday) both Spamhause and CBL were showing us to be clean. I can't check against Barracuda becase they don't seem to have a page where you can do that (Second arrgh). We will have to send test e-mail to our clients who we know have Barracuda enabled.

So, the moral of this story is that if you are getting screwed by Barracuda, they won't help you out or even answer your e-mail. Rather than going to PAID techies who are supposed to help you out, you have to go web sites which are running by UNPAID staff. 

And oh yeah, if you happened to find this web page because you were google for anti-spam software, don't buy Barracuda, buy some other software like the big fat banner ad I have put at the end of this post. Nuts to you, Barracuda. 

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