What Photoshop filter to use?

by admin on March 18, 2009

We will now take a break from making our usual portentous announcements on state of the world and prepress in general to focus on a specific technical. One that I am having. With a client who dumped this on me (as clients do) before leaving for spring break. And I'm okay with that, as clients are supposed to leave you with challenging material, because if it wasn't challenging, they could do it themselves and then they wouldn't be clients. They would be competitors. Got that?

Anyhoooo, see the scan up above? Does it look faint to you? You should have see it before I applied the "unsharp mask" filter to it in Photoshop. Unfortunately, I have seven other scans just like the one above, and with some of them, the unsharp mask filter doesn't have much of an effect. Thus, I throw myself upon the collective wisdom of my daily readership, which surprisingly has hit triple digits or so Google Analytics tells me.

I doubt I am the first people in all of creation to be confounded with light scans of drafting schematics. What filter would you use to thicken lines in the image above?

Update March 20th. Hey, thanks for the answers. I used Gassian blur followed by threshold at about 230-240 and it worked like a charm. I'll try to post screen caps later about that.

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