What Makes for a Good Print Blog?

by admin on January 24, 2010

M-bossed did a blog listing his top 10 print blogs. There are some familiar ones there, like Gordon's Quality in Print, and the group bloggers at PrintCEO. There are also some  print blogs I've never read before, like the dieline, a blog for the packaging printers (the pictures are gorgeous, by the way).

There was also a mention of  the tough love for xerox blog, which I've peeked at every once in awhile. I don't follow it that much because he does talk mostly about (guess) Xerox and while Xerox is my favorite digital printer, I'm not obsessed with it. On the other hand, Michael (the tlfx owner) is getting into Twitter a bit and its fun to watch that.

There are two blogs that should have been on my list but weren't (in my opinion, of course). One is the venerable and authoritative Prepressure and the second is Poor Richard wordpress blog. I'm suspecting that Laurens of PP got bumped the list because he has prepress in his URL?

But I'm not surprised that Poor Richard is left off the list since the guy writes beautiful essays but never links to other printing blogs so nobody knows about him. I know that smacks of cronyism but hey, I don't spend all day searching Google for other blogs that write about printing and prepress. I usually find out about blogs in one of two way: 1) They link to a story of mine and I get a pingback (notification somebody linked to me) or 2) I'm reading a familiar blog and hey, they mention a blog I've never heard of before. Let me be blunt on this: If you don't do the linky-link with other blogs of your ilk, you're not going to get the traffic in the long run, unless you bang out beautiful essay day after day. And that's hard.

However, I don't think Poor Richard gives a bleep anyways, as he is too busy running a real live print shop, as opposed to Prepress Pilgrim who spent way too much last week trying to configure a virtual private server for an upcoming client site migration.

And try as I might, there was no way I was going to make a semi-interesting blog post out of THAT adventure, hence this blog post must suffice.


Jeff Lazerus January 25, 2010 at 5:41 am

I had never heard of M-bossed until one of the What They Think blogs (I think it was Printing Office) posted their article. The post was about how M-Bossed picked them as being in their top ten favorite blogs. No prepressure, no Prepress Pilgrim. I smell a conspiracy.

Ryan McAbee January 25, 2010 at 6:51 am

I’m glad you are enjoying the Dieline packaging design blog!

@Prepress Pilgrim
Each blog on our Top 10 List were evaluated by the following categories: content quality, frequency of posting, social media reach, and overall design aesthetic.

There are many print media blogs out there that are doing a fantastic job including the ones you mention. I absolutely love Poor Richard’s musings of his print shop in middle Georgia but the site did not make the top 10 due to post frequency. (Like you mention, he does have a shop to run.) In retrospect, I think there are a few more blogs that at least deserve an honorable mention so check back for an update.

@Jeff Lazerus
Although we all love a conspiracy theory, I can assure you there is nothing interesting about the cross postings at m-bossed and WTT. M-bossed posts mainly about the printing industry with a focus on technology. The site recently past the 1 year mark. Let me know what topics you enjoyed or would like to see on the site through e-mail or @mbossed on Twitter.

FubarGuy January 25, 2010 at 10:30 am
FubarGuy January 25, 2010 at 10:36 am

Wow, way to go me – don’t bother reading the OP or following any of the links. The very FIRST of which is the one I point out. I’ll go crawl in a hole now, pay no mind.

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