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by admin on December 2, 2008

Over the weekend, the plumbing in my kitchen failed. Or, to add more detail, a couple of years we hired a guy (who we thought was a plumber but wasn't really) to do some plumbing so that we would have a washer & dryer in the house, by means of the kitchen. Well, the both compression fittings to the hot & cold water started to fail, as well as a weld to the shutoff valve started to leak and the kitchen tap started to leak because of crimp in the copper tubing.

Long story short, we brought in a plumber for the compression fittings and the welding (gees, THAT guy was good) and I did the rest of the work. But now I'm behind on the Christmas stuff & promised to order fridge magnets for my kid's school and I think they just gave 72 dpi bitmap for the logo instead of vector.

Sigh. I think life was easier 20 years ago, when all you had to worry about was drinking enough water the night before so that the Southern Comfort hangover wasn't too bad the next day.

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