We can no longer make fun of Kinko’s

by admin on May 4, 2009

As always, PrintCEO has the best news write up on what's happening with arguably the number #1 competitor to the traditional print shop: Kinko's.

Yes, that's right, they are outsourcing their print business to Vistaprint. And let's hope that Vistaprint chokes on the logistics because they were eating market share before, but now they have an install base of an additional 1300 Fedex/Kinkos US locations.

Mind you, Michael J. thinks its guys like Staples and HP that will feel the squeeze more than the regional printer, but we'll see about that. So far all the analyst reports that I've read about Vista always seem to pooh-pooh their accomplishments ("Hey, it's print right? Just ink on paper? So how hard can it be? Duuuuuhhh.") but they are rocking and rolling in an industry where a lot of people are hiding in the basement if not hunting in the bathroom for cyanide capsules.

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