VM Ware – Running Legacy Applications

by admin on October 4, 2007

One of the most handy tools to come along in years for a prepress system administrator is the free (free!) virtual server from VMWare.

VMWare server will run on top of a Linux or Windows operating system. At Printcraft, we have two Ubuntu (Debian) servers. One server hosts the web site and run the shop's backup software, and the other server "hosts" two Windows 2000 virtual servers. One virtual server runs the inkprofile software for our Komori press, and the other server hosts the Filemaker Pro and Simply Accounting databases.

The really nice thing about virtual servers is that it breaks the legacy software = old hardware dependency. The virtual servers runs on a blade server bought dirt cheap and can run in VERY controlled environment for at least another 3 years. If they haven't upgraded the inkprofile software in that time, I can easily move it to another box and re-image the server installation.

Mind you, if you run a pre-press shop and don't have any legacy applications then you don't need this. Mind you, if you EVER find a shop that doesn't have an old "something" running in a far corner somewhere, let me know.

Instructions on how to install VMWare on a Ubuntu server can be found here.

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