Vistaprint Love

by admin on June 4, 2009

So you do guys ever wonder how Vistaprint has risen so far and so fast in an industry that is supposed to be in decline? Well, I guess it's in decline if you're not Vistaprint.

Behold the wonder of the Internet, the affiliate marketing agency and it's affiliate offer:


That the info sheet from Commission Junction. It offers about, oh, one million banners that advertise Vistaprint products. So if you have a website or a blog, and you are looking for advertisers, you grab the HTML code that calls up one of their banner images and their tracking code, and then everytime somebody orders some business cards or other printing through that banner, you get some moolah:

And you know what, there are a jillion affiliate marketing agencies on the internet and trust me on this, they ALL have Vistaprint accounts.

Where is RR Donnelly? Where is Quad Graphics and Transcontinental? Actually, forget about those guys for a minute. Where is the bleep is Kodak? I would throw a Kodak banner on my website in a heartbeat, if only to show my support for a lot of my friends who still work there. [Edit: Found Kodak's affiliate program through CJ, I really should apply and see if  I get accepted]

What about AGFA? Jeepers, HP is dumb enough to put up a web site that competes against their own customers but lotsa luck trying to get a banner from an affiliate house showing an Indigo.
Adobe and Apple have affiliate programs through Commission Junction, here is a text link ad from Adobe as an example.
Find all current special offers on Adobe products.

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Michael J June 5, 2009 at 2:32 am

I think the trick is that Vista is a marketing company, not a printing company. It’s a global marketing services supplier for small business. I love the fact that the last time I looked they use traditional gang runs instead of digital print to fulfill.

It’s possible, but not damn likely, inmho, that MarketSplash could be the same thing. But HP is too busy, being busy and Indgio is focused on boxes and stuff. But with Staples and the white label version of MarketSplash they may get it right.

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