Visiting a Print Workshop at Granville Island

by admin on January 18, 2009

Today I had to ferry my two boys to a birthday party in the adventure zone at Granville Island. To those of you who don't live in Vancouver, Granville Island is a tres chic urban marketplace located on the waterfront, consisting of old industrial buildings that have been renovated to accommodate a trendy public market and various boutique shops. I highly recommend a visit if you are tourist or even someone living in the Lower Mainland who has never been there. Parking is murder, by the way.

So I drop my kids off to the party and hustle over to the market to buy some salami and risotto which sounds mundane but this stuff is about as far from the regular supermarket salami as you can get. They have elk salami and venison salami and the prosciutto is advertised as being cured for eight months minimum. I mean, I've drunk bottles of booze that were younger than their prosciutto. Whatever.

After listening to some bagpipes playing on the waterfront (I love bagpipes), I noticed a directory of all the shops on the island and I ambled over hoping to find a Shiatsu master and noticed that there was actually a print workshop in one of the old industrial buildings. No kidding? In the center of West Coast shopping bliss? So I go to check out Dundarave Print Workshop. And guess what, it's actually an artist's enclave that use old style etching technique to produce artwork. Not a CTP machine or even a computer in site. And they offer classes on printing. No you don't learn about workflow or screening but instead you get to work on "etching skills with instruction, demonstrations, and studio time ..focus on tonal work using aquatint and students will be
introduced to colour printing using a variety of inking techniques."

For some reason, I was happy to see a shop teaching methods of printing that become obsolete in a modern print shop about 40 years ago.

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