Viruses just LOVE Windows 2000

by admin on October 30, 2008

So I walk into the shop today and I'm told that the ink profile server isn't working. That's the computer that's feed CIPS data to the press. So I check to see if we are sending profiles to the server from Prinergy. Yup.

The next step: Walking into the pressroom. Now whenever I do this, I always tell the press guys to "run the press a little bit faster" so we can get the work out. They love this, big joke.

I get to the server. Yup, yet another virus attack. Sophos says it caught it but the server is still screwed up so I do a reboot and start a full scan which will probably take about oh, 5 hours if I'm lucky.

This is the last Win 2000 server in the shop. Viruses and Trojans love Win 2000 like fruit flies love rotten watermelon. Last year we spend a huge amount of time making sure everything in the shop was XP or 2003 and I'm pretty glad we did.

Stuck with Windows 2000 on this server unfortunately. Oh well.

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