Vancouver In Sorrow

by admin on May 11, 2009

The Canucks got jammed out of the hockey playoffs in six by the Chicago Black Hawks: I won't be able to pick up the local paper tomorrow, it was a real heart-breaker. The final score was 7-5 but Vancouver held the lead in the game at least three separate times but each time the Hawks came back. The Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo, did not have a good game and it really blows to have the last game of the season a game in which you didn't show your best.

Oh well, not bad considering a lot of critics had said the 'Nuck weren't even going to make the playoffs at the beginning of the season. All in all, things could be worse. I grew up in Ottawa during the 1980s. Try to be a sports fan in that city back then: No NHL, no soccer, and the Ottawa Roughriders of the Canadian Football League were the worst sports team in all of recorded North America sport history. Detroit Lion fans, I am not making this up. The Ottawa Citizen newspaper reported in 1989 that the Roughriders had the worst percentage of any decade of any professional sports time bar none (I think it was .114 or something like that. They won on average maybe 2 games out of 16 every year for about 10 years straight, and then they folded).

About an hour and a half away, there was the Montreal Expos who had some pretty good teams in the 80s. I mean, one year they sent four players to the all-star team (Gary Carter, Tim Raines, Andre Dawson, Al Oliver) plus the pitcher (Steve Rodgers) but they failed to win the division (1982).

Hockey? Does anybody remember the Harold Ballard years of the Toronto Maple Leafs? Seriously, my best friend in university (from Sarnia) would pound a few beers and then get REALLY angry if you mentioned Harold Ballard and swear that the man was the Antichrist.

Sports memories of my youth. You know, I feel better about the Canucks losing already.

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James May 15, 2009 at 8:47 am

Hey at least your team made the playoffs! Now you can cheer for the Hartford Whalers er the Hurricanes!

Sad MN Wild season ticket holder…

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