Trouble in Outlook Land: Business Contact Manager

by admin on September 3, 2008

Sooo, before I go off on my little rant, which is basically what this blog is about (my little rants), let me first say that I am not a knee-jerk Microsoft basher. As a matter of fact, anybody who works prepress sys admin and who hates Microsoft must be somebody who has been doing it for less than 10 years or has developed a case of amnesia. Because before Microsoft came out with NT 4.0, we had to install RIPS on UNIX (not Linux) boxes and boy oh boy, did that ever suck. I mean, UNIX itself is not bad (yeah rock-solid stable, yadda, yadda, yadda) but dealing with UNIX vendors was an EXPENSIVE pain in the butt. The service contracts themselves cost nearly a fortune. But I digress.

As we all know, Prinergy runs on Windows 2003 (well for most of you it's still Windows 2000 but if I was you I would upgrade plenty quick). I have a few other servers running Windows 2003 and they are cheap and reliable. The front office runs Windows XP (not Vista thank goodness) and also Microsoft Office including Outlook 2007. This where the funs starts.

One of our sales representatives writes up a lot of journal entries to her contacts and was having a few issues with retrieval. Basically, she couldn't retrieve her journal entries by the contact view menus. We knew that her journal entries still existed because they were visible in the journal view pane, but not the contacts pane. Follow?

Well in Outlook 2007 there is this neat tool called Business Contact Manager, which looks like the contacts manager but with way more features. Contacts on steroids! Cool! So we (okay, me) figure to move the contacts to the business contact manager and gee, with all those new features, we should be able to see our journal entries linked to the appropriate contacts.

We were wrong to assume this. After a few hours of trying this and that, and reading documentation, I started to google various search term with business contact manager and outlook. Finally I find the business contact manager blog and you know what: Business contact manager supports ALL kinds of data importation, including Word, Excel, Access Databases, ACT! and presumably your Mom's grocery list written on full-scrap paper. What does not support is the importation of journal entries from within Outlook itself. I mean, are you kidding me to the point of seizure?

I asked with the greatest solemnity: Where was the program manager for Outlook when it was decided to cut this feature? Was he off in the men's washroom brushing up his resume for applying to Twitter?

Do you know why I am upset? Because my sales rep is upset. She has hundred of journal entries that aren't linked to her contacts because its not supported by Outlook. And I'm upset because this mess is on my lap because of laziness on the part of the development team at Microsoft, specifically the program manager who probably got transferred to Vista. I can't even get a specialist to come in and fix it because there is no Outlook trainers in Vancouver who even know business contact manager. Gee, knowing what I know now, I wonder why.

Jeepers guys, what were you thinking?

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