Trojans and Windows 2000: Continued

by admin on November 9, 2007

One server I upgraded to Windows 2003 after a reformat of the hard drive. I'm working on the 2nd installation which was a virtual machine running an inkprofile TIFF converter utility. Hopefully it will run under Windows XP.

 I still have to deal with the Windows 2000 workstations that drive the Presstek platemaker and inkprofiling software of the Komori press. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet about that.

These new Trojans came especially after Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 2000. So far I have reinstall Windows 2000, applied service pack 4, run numerous anti-virus scans, and it does nothing. At random intervals the Trojans flood the network with packets and take down the internet.

Bye bye, Windows 2000, it was fun knowing you.

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