The Fusion Kids

by admin on January 5, 2009

Anybody who worked at Creo headquarters for any period of time would recognize the names of Doug Richardson and Michel Laberge. They were two of the brightest and best engineers that ever worked for the company.
They left a number of years ago and together are now working at a company called general fusion. Yeah, they are trying to build a fusion reactor for about $50 million instead of the $20 billion that other research teams are shooting for. Popular Science has a nice write-up on them.

(Note to Popular Science, Michael and Doug never were "desktop printer engineers" they worked on thermal head that powered Creo Computer to plate that is pretty the dominant brand in prepress today.  That is to say: They built lasers.)

Anyhow, if you want my opinion, if anybody could build a fusion reactor at bargain-basement prices, it would the engineering teams from Creo.  Remember that the thermal head was basically designed and built by a $10 million company and it couldn't be reverse-engineered for about 8 years by such huge companies as AFGA and Heidelberg and Kodak.

Even today, lots of people say there's no head like a Creo thermal head.

So we'll see.

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Dave K January 5, 2009 at 12:18 pm

Totally. If anyone could build a fusion reactor, it’s Michel and Doug. Creo never would have been able to raise enough money to build Prinergy if the thermal head hadn’t been the most amazing thing to hit the print world in years.

At Drupa 95 we had people in the aisles amazed at this little company going up against Agfa,but it tool Doug blowing fuses in the hotel room debugging the thermal head, and Michel standing by the CTP, tweaking the bias with a voltmeter between demos.

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