The Best Font Identifier on the Web…

by admin on October 16, 2007

Have you ever had a client who showed you some type and then asked you to match the font? Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time searching through font catalogues trying to get a match? And then banged your head on your desk after that fruitless search, weeping in frustration.

If that has never happened to you, you are either very lucky or you are not a designer/prepress operator. But fortunately, a superb interactive font identifier is available on the web. You can modify the font characters on-screen, and then click "search" and it will find the best match. Superb!

Those of you, like me, who were practising prepress B.T.W (before the web) , will easily recognize Linotype. They were one of the first major font foundries to begin production of Postscript typefaces waaay back in 1987, helping kickstart the desktop publishing revolution.

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