Telus Optik Upgrade?

by admin on August 24, 2010

Telus (the local phone provider in British Columbia) has a delicious bundle offering: For about $80, you get local phone service with 4 cents a minute North American calling, high speed internet and internet TV. Plus, PLUS... they throw in a Xbox360 if you sign a two year contract.
Well, I already paid more than $80 a month for phone and internet anyways, so this such a no brainer. So I go to sign up an get what happens.
The web... site... won't... process the order.
I get on the chat with a Telus customer rep and she says because I'm an existing customer I can only sign up for Optik TV. I get redirected to the Optik page where I'm up to $60 a month before the internet and phone are added in.
I tell the rep this is too confusing, I'll call in and try to get this sorted out. So I get the number 604-310-2255. I give them a call, and the phone rings and rings and rings.
Is it just me, or every time I want to order something from a data provider, and if you're a current customer you have to:
1. Switch over to the competitor.
2. Then switch back to get the skookum deal.

Whatever. I'll give this mission a rest and try to phone in tomorrow. If I can't get the $80 a month, I'll have to switch over to Shaw or Rogers.

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