Sweating it out on E-bay/ Gay marriage

by dj on November 8, 2004

I must have lost, I dunno, about six or seven auctions while bidding for a laptop on e-bay. I'm looking for a Dell or HP/Compaq, 700 mhz or higher. I am willing to pay no more than $600 shipping included. This price is hard-coded, for that number was the result of tough negotiation with she-who-must-be-obeyed. Maybe I should have held out for $700, because that seems to be what every lousy laptop over 700 mhz is going for.

The latest beauty is a 1 gigahertz Compag with a DVD-ROM drive but no operating system. Hey, I can live with installing an OS, I can do that in my sleep.

What a time-suck, I have been checking e-bay every hour today, just to make sure no lousy son-of-a-gun has outbid me.

In other news, the cover story of the National Post says that GWB is going to try to push through a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in US. And my first thought to that is why? There were referendums on gay marriage in 11 US states just last week and the very idea got stomped - stomped! in all eleven. Why expend political capital on working towards a constitutional amendment on something that will never fly anyways, outside of Massachutts, San Francisco, and Canada?

I need to understand this so I can explain this to my friends. As the Only Canadian in Vancouver Who Doesn't Think GWB is an Idiot, there is a heavy burden placed upon my shoulders to explain the actions & intention of this great statesman.

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