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by admin on August 1, 2008

I had forgotten how big the lots are in Ottawa. And the houses. I mean, 2000 square feet is a small house here. Back in Vancouver we live in a 1700 square footer including the basement where we put all the bedrooms.

Five hundred grand, no four hundred grand gets you a mansion in every neighbourhood except for the Rideau canal. I've lived close to 20 years in Vancouver and when I left it, I was always happy to get back. Now I'm not so sure.

Anyways, the best museum in Ottawa (a great city for museums) is the new War Museum (well it opened a couple of years ago). Great exhibits, lots and lots of tanks. They've got the Shermans (and a Grizzly, which was a Canadian version of the Sherman) as well as the Panther and T-34. They found a Canadian Valentine which was recovered from an Ukraine bog ten years ago (pretty well all Canadian Valentines were shipped off to Soviet Union). Nice selection of British tanks with a Churchill and a Chieftain.

Best exhibit was the Sechelt campaign where the Canadian 1st Army was responsible for liberating the Channel ports. With the assistance of Hobart's funnies, engineers did lots of interesting mods with Churchill hulls to overcome the flooding/fortifications issues with the German forts.

Umm, gotta go, seeing some friends that just moved to Ottawa from Vancouver about 3 weeks ago. Apparently their house is bigger than the city block we live on.

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Allan Larson August 6, 2008 at 8:24 am

1) No need to skate to work in Vancouver. i.e. not cold in winter. That means $200K.
2) Ottawa has snow plowed in winter on the backs of taxpayers. No effect on Vancouver prices.
3) You need to speak french and anglais to be cool in Ottawa. Overrated. -$25K for french lessons and general headaches
4) Vancouver doesn’t have mosquitos. $40K more.
5) Government jobs are soul stifling in Ottawa. -$25K.
6) Too many Tim Horton’s in Ottawa. -$35K in weakly roasted high fat peer-pressure javas.
7) Vancouver has les montagnes. Nicer to look at than Hull. +$40K for Vancouver
8) Larger floor spaces mean you collect more lego which gets stuck in your heel at 2am in the dark. -$5K
9) Ocean air shoves smog to the Fraser Valley. Longer life expectancy. $50K for Vancouver.
10) Beaver Tails= high sugar and fat (1.2xdiabetes factor)

There’s a reason why 30,000 Ontario folks moved to BC last year. Now if we can only get the Alberta plates off the road, we’ll get the prices a little more attractive. Don’t get me started on Saskatchewan motorhomes with nothing but a pair of knuckles behind the wheel…


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