Something sweet from Kodak…

by admin on July 24, 2009

So I was doing some cruising over the other side of the Atlantic, checking out the latest news from Printweek. (By the way, it looks like the Communists are in trouble again. Good. I hate commies. But when did they ever care about profit?)

I checked out the product reviews and low and behold, we have something new from the workflow software group: Kodak  Insite Campaign Manager.

insite campaign manager

The best, short way to describe this product is that it help a printer transition from just providing print services to providing marketing services as well. Here are some quotes I ripped off borrowed from Printweek's article:

"Insite Campaign Manager (ICM) does everything: data, e-blasts, PURLs (personalised URLs) and print," says Kodak Insite Campaign Manager business development manager Serge Grichmanoff.

"This shows where we are heading as a company," adds Kodak enterprise solutions marketing director Matthieu Bossan. "Our future is in software and in marketing workflow, as we see our customers evolving into MSPs. For our customers, it's about thinking about where it is they want their businesses to go. Some are very prepared; others know they need to do something.

Pretty funny that I had to grab this news from an European publication when the Insite development is based in Victoria, BC, or just a ferry from where I live. Anyhow, I would really try to get a demo at Vancouver or Chicago on this piece of neat-looking software. And try to get it soon before Perez launches another round of budget cuts, forcing the demo guys to show new software using nothing but hand puppets.


Len July 24, 2009 at 8:22 am

e-blasts? PURLs? ohhhhh… you mean spam.

Yes, an excellent path for Kodak to take. Wonderful.

FubarGuy July 24, 2009 at 12:33 pm

This is twice today I’ve heard this Kodak offering mentioned, and the other time was in an internal meeting. So, looks like I might be getting some firsthand knowledge at some point. I’m curious to see the Asset Library portion in particular.

As for it promoting “spam” I really don’t see that. The medium for delivering the message is changing, I’d rather be on the end that’s learning to use the new tech than stuck in a dark corner, wondering where the hell all the work went.

Len July 27, 2009 at 6:30 am

We all get email blasts and PURLs everyday. Usually selling penis enlargement pills and viagra. It either gets caught by a filter or we delete them without reading them and wish we weren’t bothered. There is no difference. It is email that nobody asked for or wanted. And who in today’s world is going to click on a link just because it has your name in the address? If nothing else, that alone makes it look suspicious.

The low click through rates will only make you look ineffective for having sold this service to your client and annoy those who have to deal with deleting the constant emails promoting your print/design/web/penis enlargement/Nigerian bank account services.

FubarGuy July 28, 2009 at 9:07 am

I get several emails from another printing site that’s run like a social networking thing, and they seem to have distributed my email addy to their 3rd party “partners” as well. Do I view that as spam? Not really, it’s all print-related services, although I’m not interested in 99% of it so I Delete then un-subscribe. It’s not even close to the kind of spam you’re describing, which I get plenty of routed to my Trash box in Gmail.

But guess what? If it’s a service our clients want, and are willing to pay for then we had better well be prepared to offer it, or somebody else will in our place. I seriously doubt we’ll be approaching Nigerians & hard-on pill pushers though. Printers may have questionable ethics in many areas, but I like to hope this isn’t one of those cases. We’ll see.

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