Software Tip of the Day

by admin on April 29, 2010

I haven't really blogged a lot about print for two reasons 1) Yah, still really busy 2) It seems everybody is running around with rusty exactor knifes looking to slash their wrists.

Ho-hum so sad too bad. However please note that this blog is about prepress, not printing. And I don't know about other old prepress dogs, but the sun has been shining on my butt lately (work-wise). Of course that's because I have been not doing a whole lot of prepress lately.

Now can a prepress techie make a successful transition to being a web designer. Well, let me tell you, you need to know the big secret about making semi-decent web pages: It's called Photoshop. But enough about that. That's not really the tip of the day.

The tip of the day, is that if you transition from prepress to internet marketing (and I highly recommend you do) you will realize that there a gazillion tools and a bajillion services offered on the web for you to do business. One of the tools that you will need is a decent email program. ALL of the decent email programs are online services who have made arrangements with ISP to be able to deliver mail without getting spammed to purgatory. But not all are created the same.

Having tried out about 4 or 5 of these services, I have been using Vertical Response for about 3 months and been pleased as punch. It's got all the features that you need (opt-in scripts, on-page html editors) and it's cheap, cheap ($15 a month for 1000 email addresses in the database, unlimited delivery). Plus they allow single opt-in delivery (if you don't know what that is, I'll spare you the details.)

Some of the other emailers are downright paranoid about being blacklisted, so even if you have a ridiculously low "spam" rate (under 2%), you run the risk of losing your account.

Anyhow, that's the tip of the day.

Yes, I know, a good internet marketer would put a email sign-up box on his blog. Yeah, one day. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Laurens July 25, 2010 at 1:26 am

Hey DJ, are you on a pilgrimage? No new post in over 3 months, that is an eternity in internet time!

FubarGuy July 29, 2010 at 12:57 pm

I too am sad & miss the posting of Mr. Prepress Pilgrim. 🙁

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