Remembrance Day

by admin on November 11, 2009

On November 11th, Canada remembers it's war dead, unlike the US and other countries which remember their soldiers at other times of the year.

You may be looking for the now-infamous post Prinergy is dead, and the follow-up post ten reasons why Prinergy is still dead (well actually it's nine, a Prinergy developer refuted one of my points).

I'm not planning on checking the blog today, so if you wish to comment and have never commented before, you may be stuck in the hold queue for awhile. Sorry about that.

I will be with my sons at a soldiers parade in the morning, where they will be asking me lots of questions about uniforms and marching and war. I'll tell them about their grandfather and great-grandfather and perhaps Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach and Arghandab.

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