Quark wants your customers too…

by admin on December 2, 2009

Gees, you just can't make this up. Let's see, it's been less than a year since HP tried to roll out Marketsplash. Now Quark comes out with Quarkpromote. But you just can't too upset about these things anymore. Everybody, from Walmart down to Mom & Pop around the corner thinks hey, let's set up a website and partner with some offset printer, and sell some business cards! What could be easier.

Well, okay, let me tell you about the razor-thin margins in this industry. If you want to compete on cost, you better be able to cut costs better than anybody else around. And I mean, do more than put in single-ply toilet paper in the men's washroom. You better re-engineer the whole production process, which by the way would require some capital investment up front.

But hey enough of me shooting my mouth off,  let's quantify this assertion (I love lapsing into corporate-speak, this blog is the only place where I get to do it).  Right on the front page of Quarkpromote, they want to charge $59.65 for 250 business cards. And they claim that the "free" business card competitors will actually charge you$59.95 by including "hidden" costs. Oh really? Well, I think I owe it to my readership (both of them, thanks Mom) to do some super-duper heavy investigative sleuthing and actually surf over to web site and do some competitive pricing.

Hmmm, which web site should I pick? How about Vistaprint (surprise)?And guess how much it cost:

cost of a business card at vistaprint

Now, I rechecked the Quark promote site and they offer color on the back too for that price, whereas my order just has black-and-white on the back. Also, I didn't choose the "professional" template option at Vistaprint. Okay, whatever. Congratulations, if we squint real hard, possibly you match Vistaprint on price.

However, Vistaprint pretty has the biggest affiliate army in the business card niche. I mean, check out any website that even barely mentions office supplies or stationary or whatever, and you'll find an ad for Vistaprint. Their payouts are pretty good, lots of independent internet marketers are making their daily bread supplying leads to Vistaprint, which seems to paying them off and still making money in the meantime.

I haven't found an affiliate network for Quarkpromote yet. Hey, has the average business card buyer even heard of Quark?

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