Quantcast, Email, Google Chrome, Okidata and BlackBerry

by admin on October 16, 2008

I really like those days when I can come into the shop and have nothing urgent on my plate. I sure wish I could remember what those days were like. Perhaps they were happy carefree days filled with smiling children and fluffy clouds.

Whatever, welcome to prepress. Feel the love.

1. Every morning for the last few days I have been with working with Okidata support to get duplex working on the C9650, using a Mac running Leopard. After a few calls, we have discovered it works on their end but not here. Hey, don't laugh, that's progress. If it was Abobe, they would have told to reformat my hard drive. So now we gotta find the delta, or what's different between my workstation and theirs.

2. Speaking of the oki, we've got light patches running on a thin matte. This is weird, as one of the first tests we did was ram very heavy cardstock through the machine. No problem with card but issues with thin matte? Very mysterious, working with the local distributor on that one.

3. Some customers still complaining we are not getting their mail. Put up a web page on how to do a trace of delivered mail.

4. In the front office, there is a complaint that browsing on one of the workstation is slow. Installed Google Chrome and see if the problem goes away. I never use Explorer on my computers, and I'm always amazed at how slow it runs when I am working on other workstations.

5. Address book not upload to one of the BlackBerries. Finally, after doing a copy in Outlook and disabling wireless in TWO separate places on the BlackBerry PDA, I got the stuff to download. BlackBerry... control... panel... sucks.

6. Got Quantcast installed on the Printcraft web site, both for the backlink and because supposedly Quantcast can tell you everything about the users hitting your web site, age, gender, what they had for breakfast, whatever.

It's all fun, baby.

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