Printcraft’s Mail Service and Shaw

by admin on March 19, 2008

I got called into Printcraft yesterday because they couldn't send outgoing mail as Shaw (the internet provider) put a block on. They said that they were under suspicion of spamming as some e-mails originated from our IP address that got bounced.

Oh great, a spammer has compromised Exim email relay agent that I have been configuring on one of the Ubuntu servers, I thought. So I drive over and deinstall Exim and start to check the traffic logs off the router. Basically, when a spammer hits, you see a lot of traffic spewed from your IP address. In this case, I saw not a lot. Like nothing but the regular web surfing traffic from the office staff. I spent some time making sure that we are clean. Then I phone Shaw, explain what happened, and we get to send mail at lunchtime instead of waiting 24 hours like they first told us.

Still don't know what happened, all they told us was that a number of bad emails originated from our IP address. Finally I figured out what. Yesterday, I was telnetting with the Ubuntu mail server (Exim) trying to make it play nice with the Prinergy server. Telnet from a DOS window really sucks, if you make a typo, it's doesn't allow you to erase your mistake, you have to abort and start over. So I had a few typos and sent out about 10 garbled emails. And the paranoid Shaw email spam sniffer must have picked up and put us on block.

Cripes, Shaw email is getting annoying. [Beginning of rant] They keep putting us on spam watch but their support really sucks. Actually, they don't really provide any support beyond cutting us off once in awhile. For example, you can't send secure mail from Entourage which guess is a real problem for a prepress shop [End of rant].

Because we have been dealing with these annoyances for the last six months, I have been seriously thinking of migrating the email to Google apps for the domains. Looks like I'm going to accelerate the process.

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