Prinergy 5 in the Shop

by admin on November 10, 2008

Last Friday James popped in an upgrade our Prinergy system to version five. So naturally we came in this morning all excited and hoping to play with the features. Unfortunately, work got in the way. Hey, it happens. Our prepress operator had a huge problem in the morning when the Lotem decided it didn't want to output small plates. Then, after about an hour into the shift, the Lotem Controller died. Or we thought it died. It turns out that the reasonably-brand new monitor hooked up to the Lotem Controller died. So we found a new monitor, plugged that in, did some pin adjustment on the Lotem and started making plates.

As for me, well the Epson controller hard drive blew on Thursday and the hard drive from Dell arrived on Friday. So  I reghosted machine and was on the phone with Kodak off and on all day. It turns out we'll need a guy to come and configure the software, especially since we had an old 3.1.15 version that wasn't even supposed to be compatible with Prinergy 4, let alone 5.

Oh well, Wednesday should be fun as the developers will be coming in for training sessions. Can't wait. (Tomorrow is Remembrance Day for us Canadians).

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Dennis November 11, 2008 at 12:32 pm

I thought we were going ok to get an early release of 4.1.

We had it loaded onto our server yesterday and immediately had our trendsetter refuse to image 3 plates in a row without spitting the dummy half way through a plate… Turned out to be a dirty sensor problem which was resolved fairly quickly but had not shown any signs before the software upgrade. All this happened while we were doing a pm on our other trendsetter so guess what no plates at all could be made and the presses were waiting for their next job.

Dont you just hate it when things start snowballing? Its like a big wave coming at you and you can see it happening and you cant do a damn thing about it.

Big sigh of relief once its all fixed and running again.

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