Prinergy 4.0: Two RIPs for the price of one…

by admin on October 23, 2007

It's pretty well known that Prinergy 4 ships with the new Adobe PDF engine that can now handle transparencies. But did you know you can switch between the new RIP and the old Postscript engine?

Adobe PDF RIP pic

It's a bit hard to see, but the highlighted area gives you a choice of two RIPs. The legacy RIP had to be put in there for Prinergy users who have archived jobs that were put to plate with the old RIP.

Now, since we've had Prinergy 4.0, we have had very few ripping problems, and only one job where there was a problem with transparency. Whereas with the old RIP, we could run into transparency problems on a weekly basis (and we are a pretty small shop).

But if we ever run into a problem where we need pages from different RIPs in the same imposition, then it's a cinch to set up a workaround:

1) Switch over ever so briefly to the old RIP.

2) Rip a screened 2400 bitmap to disk using the DCS output format.

3) Switch back to the new rip.

4) Refine the DCS file

Here a screensnap of the process plan:

Prinergy process plan setting

Now I made a mistake when I selected the output format in this screensnap. You want to pick DCS out, single file format, not EPS raster. This will give you pages that have been pre-ripped and pre-screened, basically locked down, but you can re-import back into the job.

Obviously, you want to make sure you have picked all your screening options correctly, including your harmony curves, when you output to DCS format.

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