Presstek Server Down

by admin on October 22, 2007

network error

For those of you unable to read the fine print, the message says "unable to register the administration tool discovery information. The administration tool may not be able to see the server."

This problem occurred about one hour before I replaced the router on Friday. Fortunately, this was only the server that houses the DI-Write utility, the app that converts Prinergy TIFFs to a format that can be processed by the Presstek workstation. That is to say, we couldn't make plates for the small press but we could keep feeding the Komori with the Lotem.

But it was a nasty, weird bug. What happened was that you lost windows file sharing connectivity with the rest of the network but not TCP/IP connectity. That meant you couldn't see any other servers in the workgroup but you could ping them and even surf the internet.

So I tried a bunch of intermediate steps thinking it was a minor problem: reboot the server, reinstall the driver, reinstall service pack 3, uninstall client sharing for windows and reinstall. But after spending a few hours I came to the realization that I had to nuke: Reinstallation of the OS and then a swapout of the NIC (100base-T NICs cost only $10 nowadays so it's almost a default action for me).

That made it go away. After that, I recovered the DI-Write utiltiy from my Backuppc archives and by mid-afternoon we could send files to the Presstek again.

But that bug is a classic example of the difficulty of diagnosing a problem. You could surf the internet with that computer but you couldn't see the computer right next to you.

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