Prepress in the dogs days of summer

by admin on July 16, 2008

Huh, back from camping, and they are still blasting plates through the Lotem Quantum. There is just no respect anymore for the dog days of summer. It used to be quiet around here during summer time but not this July. Traffic on the web site has never been higher as well but that's in due in part to the google imagebot sending useless traffic from all parts of the world. Annnnyhooowww....

List of projects that need to be completed before we REALLY start to get busy again here at Printcraft.
1. Replace the accursed bizhub with an Oke (Xerox engine). This involves playing phone tag with various sales reps who do not exactly return my phone calls with great urgency. Honestly, with almost 20 years in the biz, it still surprises me to find sales reps who don't return phone calls.
2. Speaking of the (obscenity deleted) bizhub, I finally found a way to force rasterized jobs to the 12x18 tray. First create a process plan with EPS raster as output. Send output to hot folder which automatically wraps the EPS raster data into a PDF format and then send off to bizhub. No, you don't send the EPS data directly to the bizhub, otherwise it defaults to letter tray. Always.
I just know you guys wanted to hear about that.
3. Automatically ghosting of the Prinergy server. Apparently with Ghost 10 you can schedule automatic backups. Hmmmm.....
4. Can't just the spectrophometer to work with the color calibration of the Epson proofer. We already sent the Eye-One out to be serviced so we're sorta screwed. The next step is to upgrade the proofer rip software but that looks to be a chargeable upgrade and a complete bitch to do. I mean, running the risk of taking down our color proofer and paying for an upgrade just because I can't do a check strip?
Grumble, grumble.
5. Jungle disk upgrade. This nifty piece of software backs up our critical data to Amazon's S3 server.
6. Switching over Printcraft mail to gmail servers from Shaw's crappy email service for the masses.
7. Getting email blasts up and running. This is going to be a learning process. Do it wrong and Google will ensure that all mail from that URL (ie our domain name) will end up in spam trash, forever.

That's the short list. Didn't include the stuff about internet marketing that we do around here to drive traffic to the web site. That stuff is secret.

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