Power printing on a Windows server

by dj on November 5, 2004

This happens so many times in a pre-press shop that I'm going to write up an article about it just so I can reference the post from time to time.

The situation: You are sending a lot of print jobs through Prinergy (or Apogee, or BARCO, or whatever) and the Windows server locks up saying it's run of disk space.

You re-boot the server, cursing Windows, and the problem goes away. Then next week, or the week after, the problem re-occurs again. Maybe if you are really unlucky, the problem reappears the very next day.

What is happening is that when you print to any printer through a NT print device, Windows needs to have the data spooled to a temporary location on a hard drive before sending the data to the printer. Usually the temp location is your C: drive. Quite frankly, this is a *bad* place to put temp files if you do a lot of printing. What you should do is change it to another location that has a lot more disk space. If you do a lot of color printing, especially imposed color printing, you're going to need lots and lots of disk space, think in terms of gigabytes.

To change the location of the print spooler temp folder, go to Windows control panel, printers, server properties, advanced, and then you should see where you can change the spool folder location to a disk drive that has more space than your C: drive.

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