Posting Round Up…

by admin on August 10, 2008

I am closing on making 150 posts on this blog, which is really weird because I have been writing for less than a year and I don't feel like I post that often. I mean, if I ever figure out how to make any money from this blog, I might write a little more and care a little more but right now it's good for some yuks and that's all.

Anyhow, cruising around the archives, I think I've got some posts that sorta suck and some that don't.

Here are some posts that suck less:

1. Get a better job. Career advice from yours truly, who has had more jobs than pair of underwear (whether that's good or bad I will leave up to you.

2. When to take the better job. So you have a job offer. What to do?

3. Advice for young managers. I wish somebody had told me this stuff about 20 years ago.

4. Managing a project. Try to forget the crap they teach you at PMI and understand that project management is lot like playing poker.

5. Why do projects fail? Is it because people are stupid? If it only were that easy to figure out. There are factors such as latency which make smart people look stupid.

6. Are you just here for the Prinergy info? Check out the unofficial way to upgrade from Prinergy 3 to Prinergy 4.

7. Are you a Creo? Interested in hearing old war stories? I've got two: How they killed the Brisque and The Day Time (Magazine) Stood Still.

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