Playing with Kutano

by admin on April 2, 2009

Hey, it's late Wednesday night and I'm playing with my Kutano. Hah, hah, that's a joke; I've got a million of them. But seriously, here is Kutano.


In case you can't see the screencap (which means you are blind so you are not even reading this ), Kutano is a little widget thingie that gets installed on the side of your Firefox or Explorer web browser. It's basically a web page annotation tool.

When you visit a web page, you can choose to start a discussion which is visible to all other Kutano users, who can add to the discussion or rank it or start a new discussion. There are some other interesting features like linking the discussion to your twitter account and there's a sidebar which allows to expand views from discussions on the page to discussion on the whole web site.

And that's it, so far. Kutano is one of those applications where you play with it for awhile and then you think, so how is this useful? You know, like Twitter. Well, I definitely know web site designers will find this application extremely handy for marking up and commenting on websites that are under review for changes.  Actually, I know of a few online communities that may find Kutano useful, and I just might spread some of the news there.

The team behind Kutano is here. Yeah, there are a few familiar faces there: Amos Michelson is right there at the top and Kevin Ishiguro, former #2 guy of Prinergy is running the show. Not on the love list is Michael Weber, who is lead developer. In case you're not an aluminus of the Kodak organization, Kevin and Michael were long time Creo developers. I mean, they not only coded parts of Prinergy, but were on the Impact teams (the workflow family before Prinergy) waay back in the mid-nineties.

And yeah, yeah, before the wise guys start to comment, even though Kevin wasn't the best coder on the Prinergy team, he was a tremendous manager. I mean, he organized some excellent meetings in his time at Kodak, and his memos were a work of art.  I think he even made a Gantt chart or two.


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JayZ April 2, 2009 at 12:17 pm

How can we comment behind your back if you are also using Kutano?

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