Our mail situation looks good…

by admin on August 5, 2008

I had previously posted about google apps for the domains and how after a lot of issues with Shaw mail, we decided to switch over to google to run our mail services. Well last Friday I flipped the switch and pointed our registar's domain server to Google mail servers.

It was a holiday Monday in Canada yesterday so I was able to visit the shop with nobody around and ensure the various e-mail clients were properly configured. Even in a small shop, we have Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook Express and of course, the Mac Entourage. So I actually was busy for a couple of hours running tests and double-checking some settings.

This morning, we had a few hiccups as the mail was arriving via the Google servers but not refreshing in the standard "inbox" icon until the afternoon. A few clickeys of the mouse solved that problem.

Entourage has an interesting feature which took a few minutes to figure out. It would not download attachments like PDFs in their entirety, but only a 15K preview is n/g for a prepress shop. Finally we noticed at the top of the status bar there was a message that said "Click here to download the whole attachment." Uh yeah, we would like to do that. After click on that info bar a couple of times, it got the message and always download the whole attachment.

Am I happy? Was it worth it? Oh yeah, for one thing I don't have to worry about getting our IP address blacklisted by Shaw. The spam filters on google are second to none. Finally, we get 6 gigs of storage per gmail account, which means I have to email maintenance sometime in 2011, at the earliest.

The one open issues will be to see if the Blackberry phones used by our sales reps synch up okay. but so far nobody is walking over to my desk about that.

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