Opinion on DRUPA: Flexo is cool, Inkjet Sucks

by admin on June 4, 2008

I'm not really writing a lot about DRUPA because most of the news coming out is about 1) Inkjet presses and 2) JDF. With regards to #1, I think inkjet presses are gay because in my opinion (and whatever that is worth to you), they offer no qualitative improvement over offset and they sure don't seem to offer improved cost of ownership. What they DO seem to offer is yet more opportunity for a manufacturer to lock a printer into a proprietary technology i.e the vendors consumable stream would now include ink.

Oh yah, wake me up when an inkjet manufacturer allows for 3rd party qualification of ink cartridges on their equipment. Zzzzzzzz....

Now about JDF, I see that Prinergy is qualified for a whole bunch of different JDF certifications. I guess this is a good thing but I've said it once and I'll say it again, as a general rule printers don't get excited over certifications and specifications, they get excited (possibly) over products. Perhaps the bindery guys are excited over JDF but hey, I'm prepress with a focus on internet marketing. Maybe it should be expected that when it comes to JDF, I stay stoopid and bored.

But whoa, flexo is cool. There is a good article on flexo products on the Printceo blog. I like the future of flexo and flexo products mostly for one reason: You can print on waaaaay more different substrates with flexo than with offset, and that allows for way more niches which of course, offset commoditization.

The only problem with flexo is the steep, high learning curve. But if you look at it from another view, that's more a feature than a bug. I mean, do you see Kinkos getting into flexo anytime soon?

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