On trying to find job websites that aren’t skanky

by admin on March 8, 2009

So, as a nice little project for this blog, I thought I would put up a page with links to website that help prepress people find job. Hey, times are tough, people would appreciate a little helper page, and how hard can it be to trawl through Google and get a few links? Put up a blog post, and it's off to Desktop Tower Defense to burn a few brain cells, right?
So I check out a few interesting sites whose names I won't mention here and get ready to throw them on the ole blog but an attack of competence overtakes me and I think maybe, you know, I should try them out before I post the link ie do 30 seconds of research.

About 10 seconds in, I notice there's a "trial offer" and ding-ding, the alarm bells in my head go off. As a blogger, you end up looking at the back-end of a few ad deals here and there  and it doesn't take too long before you think: trial offer = high risk of skankiness. And there are few niches more skanky then the "make monies at home" or "fill out surveys" for cash, yadda, yadda.

Next thing you know, I'm googling the names of these websites along with the keyword "affiliate" program and checking out contract details. Yup, for every $2.95 trial I sell through my blog, they cut me a check for $10. Sweet huh? How do they do that? Well my friends, if you read the fine print, unless you cancel that trial offer tout suite, those guys will ding your credit anywhere from $29.99 to $49.99 per monthly until you cancel. And oh don't think cancelling is easy, you'll need an electron microscope to find the toll-free 800 number that you can phone to complain and cancel.

So basically, I found a couple of websites that don't ask for your credit card information and gees, can I give you some free advice? Don't ever use your credit card on the internet unless it's a cash credit card that's been loaded with maybe $20 or $50. Don't ever sign up for subscription payments through the web unless it's through Paypal who make it easy for you to cancel subscriptions. If you ever see a website asking for monthly subscriptions authorization from your credit card and don't offer Paypal, then pretty sure it's a scam.

Anyhow, enough of that rant. Here's the web page on finding prepress jobs. I have the grand total of two so far but I check them out and seem to be a cut above monster or workopolis or whatever.  I'll add more as time passes with the requirment that the services they offer to the job-seeker are free. And hey, if you know of any good resources, feel free to post in comments.

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Cory March 9, 2009 at 8:28 pm

There are several “free for job seeker” sites. PrintWorkers.com, ihireprinting.com, Printlink.com caters to mid and upper management, but would probably have some prepress management positions. I think you will also find a lot of shops turning to Craigslist looking for employees

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