Oh What a Sorry State of Hell… …Maybe Not

by admin on September 30, 2008

Perhaps now is a good to stand back and have a look at the industry. Ah yes, all the printers are losing money and we even have a recruitment crisis in printing.

Maybe not... look at the money quote from a recent graduate in Clemson: "One third of my class can't find jobs.."

I'll be honest with you, ever since this financial crisis thingie exploded out of the sewer, I have been thinking deep serious thoughts on the whole matter. Well, one semi-serious thought: How are those stupid suits going to try to hose me this time? As you might be able to tell, I've been through this drill before. And the answer is, maybe not this time. I said maybe...

Really, it's been tough times in printing since I graduated which back around 1990. For those Canucks with a long memory, there was a brutal recession back then, about 11% unemployment with massive fed deficits to boot. It really blew. And let's not forget 2001, although a lot of guys my age would like to.

the key thing to remember is that the averages are not a reliable indicator of your particular situation. In printing, for as long as I can remember, 80% of the printers make 100% of the profits.  So when bad times come, if you are with the 20% of printers who are not going to run of cash very soon, you should be okay. Put it another way, there's a bear chasing you, and you can't outrun a grizzly bear. But there are four other guys running with you, and you only have to outrun one (or two) of them.

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