Obama and the new era…

by admin on November 5, 2008

It's funny, Barack is the new president and my wife got laid off from the post office last week. So I can't blame him for that... ...yet. I'm also Canadian.

But that's the one thing I've noticed over the years, American presidents get blamed for everything. I can still remember my university years when the profs would dismiss Reagan with a wave of their hands and a sniff. The big academic idea of that decade was that Japan would bury the US economically and our generation bought into that for a little while, until a lot of us went to Japan in the late eighties/early nineties and discovered how fricked up that country was.

You want to be a contrarian? Find somebody with lots of degrees and is sheltered in a nice safe job safe from any contact with reality and ask for their forecast of the future. Then expect the opposite. You won't go wrong too often.

(Conversely, find a smart guy with a master or MBA who is building a small company or running a company in a very competitive industry. Ask them their opinion, if you can get one because usually they are too busy to volunteer one. Listen to what they say very closely, especially the unpleasant bits. Because far too often, they are right.)

Anyhow, enough of that, it looks like we'll get the Prinergy 5 beta in the shop after all, and I will be able to blog a little bit about the features, as most of them were publicly disclosed at DRUPA. We are really looking forward to being able to edit PDFs.

I was having a good laugh with James (the prinergy product specialist) on the phone yesterday about promising not to blog about any beta bugs I might find. James baby, I've got products in the shops that don't work even after a year of general release. There are companies out there that have fired pretty all their staff that know anything about their products and shipped all customer support out to India. Bitching about Prinergy is pretty much the last thing I would ever blog about.

Oh boy, can't wait for the install.

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JamesB November 6, 2008 at 9:27 am

Now, DJ… You promised to be gentle!

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