My Life Part I

by dj on November 18, 2004

I wake up this morning about 7:30 am and roll over in bed and my wife has disappeared. In her place is a 40 pound ball of restless energy, already stirring. The eyes open and Matthew, my 3 year old, looks at me as if to say:

Amuse me, Dad, come on, amuse me. For this is why you have been created: Solely to amuse me.

Matthew has doing this for about a month: At about 2 o'clock in the morning, when the defences of Mom & Dad are at their lowest, he wakes up and decides to gate-crash the parents' bed. He is now clever enough to not engage in conversation in the moment of trepass. He justs opens the door and crawls under the covers.

This might be a cute habit except for the fact he is the world's biggest bed-hog. Now, it is hard to imagine that a small child could take up a whole queen-size bed, but he manages it by crawling into the middle and laying himself out in a perfectly perpendicular position to Mom & Dad.

I somehow manage to stay asleep during the whole exercise, but Mom usually does not. So her tactic is to now go to Matthew's bed and fall asleep there. Not that Mom gets a whole lot of sleep during the night anyways as Ryan, our five-month old, has decided to now wake up every 3 hours anyways.

I was supposed to do night shift last night but Ryan waked us both up at 1:00 am last night and Dawn asked me (foolishly, I might add) if I wanted her to soothe Ryan.

Yeah, sure, I said and rolled over on my other side and went back to sleep. Honey, you don't have to ask me in situations like that, you can always safely assume that I will let you put the baby back to sleep.

Yes, at 1:00 am in the morning, I am selfish. And I always will be.

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