More Spam Stuff & Where is Tom?

by admin on February 26, 2008

Holy cow, Akimet has caught more than 70 spam comments since I installed the plug-in last week. The only comment it missed was one from mkinc, a prepress distributor  of used equipement (makes sense that it would want me to okay the spamming).

It's too bad that the mkinc guys are using a sleazy SEO outfit that is spamming blogs, if they had been nice enough to write a comment show there was a real person behind what was said, I would have let the link go by. I mean, they are prepress distributors so it shouldn't have been too hard to say something relevant.

Frickin' sleazy SEO outfits getting into the printing and prepress space. I mean, I do SEO for Printcraft but I don't spam. Ugh, whatever.

By the way, if anybody out there knows Tom Hallinan of HELIOS software, could somebody be nice enough to tell him to put my email on the whitelist. He has me marked as SPAM. Note to people, if you send mail to people and you know you have one of those stupid spam filters than bounce mails rather than move them to a spam folder, then you should whitelist people that you send mails to. Just my opinion.

And yes, while I have received the Helios software, I haven't played around with it yet. Sorry about that.

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