Monday Diary

by admin on February 25, 2008

The press was running today, lots of work scheduled for this week. When you work at a printer, that's all you need to know. Are the pressmen busy? Good.

Checked the web site rankings of printers in Vancouver. Uh-oh, some of them have suspiciously high backlinks. Like thousands of them, obviously purchased en mass from a text link broker. Oh well, it makes my webmaster job a little harder, but not by much.

Owner has bought a laptop and so is giving his desktop with the nice monitor to the operations managers. Spent most of the day switching over Outlook mail and various other applications. Weird problem with the Simply Accounting server fixed by tweaking the share settings.

BTW, here's a tip, you can't port mail directly from Outlook Express from a different computer into Outlook. You've got to import into an Outlook Express application that is running on the same machine as Outlook. Got it? Jeepers, how lazy can you be not to build Outlook without an Outlook Express mail importer?

Prinergy is running fine. Prinergy always runs fine.

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