MarketSplash Gets Reaction from Indigo Owners

by admin on March 27, 2009

HP Indigo Customers Giving Feedback On Marketsplash

HP Indigo Customers Giving Feedback On Marketsplash

Update May 19th, 2009 HP is changing Marketsplash, making it white label for Indigo owners.

The PrintCeo guys made a post a couple days ago about some printing franchise CEOs having a nice telecom chat with some executives from HP (Jan Riecher, V.P. HP Americas Graphics Solutions Business, and Francis McMahon, HP Americas Marketing Director). On the print side, the reps included Carl Gerhardt, CEO Allegra Network, Kevin Cushing, CEO  of Alphagraphics and Rich Lowe, President of Franchise Services.

Well, I am happy to say, that while the PrintCeo blogs usually scoops PrepressPilgrim about 97% of the time, this time I've managed to one-up them. I managed to get my hands on the actual transcript of the conversation between HP and the Print CEOs. Here goes (and in case you need a primer on what is MarketSplash, check out my previous blog post):

Jan and Francis (HP): Hey,  hi guys, are you on the line?
Kevin: Hey.
Rich: Wassup.
Carl: Yo.
Jan: Well first off, we are always happy to meet with you guys. HP prides itself on relationship with its customer base and we'll try whatever we can do to keep making you guys happy.
Rich: Glad to hear that.
Carl: Awesome.
Kevin: Pffffttppshhhh!
Francis: Sorry, what  was that?
Kevin: Ooops, breakfast is not going down so good. Sorry about that.
Jan: Anyhow, what's on the agenda? Future Indigo purchases? Maybe we should sign some long term deal on some ink consumables? Hey, how about a long term lease on a bunch of HP servers? We've got a great coupon deal going on our website you know.
Carl: Website? Website? Funny you should mention website. I think discussion about websites was something we wanted to talk about. Rich, didn't we want to talk about websites?
Rich: Yeah, I think the whole website thing is on the table. What say you, Kevin?
Kevin: Um, okay, yeah websites are a good place to start and I think.... ....OOOWWWWW! OH GEES THAT REALLY HURT!!
Jan (concerned): Kevin, are you okay?
Kevin: Oh yeah, sorry, for a minute I got this wicked pain... my back. Yeah, my back has been throbbing for the last month or so. I don't know why.
Carl: What type of pain is it?
Kevin: It's a short, stabbing pain right in the middle of my back.
Rich: Stabbing pain? Like somebody is stabbing you with a dagger?
Kevin: Yeah, that it's exactly. How did you know?
Francis: Have you seen a doctor about it?
Kevin: The doctors say its all my head. Hey, let's continue with the meeting, I just gotta work through the pain.
Carl: Okay, okay, now where were we? Oh yeah. Websites. Now about this new website you guys put up, Marketscrew...
Jan: You mean Marketsplash?
Rich: Can you tell us a little bit about where HP is going with this, um, idea?
Francis: Sure thing. MarketSplash by HP provides all the small business marketing materials, products, and design services you need in a single, easy-to-use interface.
Carl: So you're selling print to people?
Rich: Like business cards? I see you are offering free business cards.
Kevin: Oh god, the pain, I think I'm going to pass out from pain.....thunk!
Francis: Kevin? Kevin?
Rich: Oh, I think we lost Kevin.
Carl: Too bad. Let's move on. Now Jan and Francis, I want to sum up what we do and what you guys do and let's look at the synergies involved. Is that cool?
Francis: Sure.
Carl: Now Rich and I, we sell print. We sell business cards, newsletters, brochures, all that sort of stuff. And you guys sell print equipment, like Indigos, wide-format proofers and ink supplies. Am I right or am I right?
Jan: Right.
Francis: Absolutely.
Carl: And this Marketscrew...
Jan: Marketsplash.
Carl: Sorry,  and this  Marketsplash sells brochures, business cards, and newsletters. Am I right?
Francis: Right.
Rich: Whataminute! Carl, I thought WE sold brochures, business cards and newsletters.
Carl: We do.
Rich: Oh. And HP does that now too?
Carl: Yeah, that what it looks like to me. Jan and Francis, what does it look like to you guys?
Jan: Well Carl and Rich, I know it looks like a little bit of a conflict, but we can explain: We are just expanding the HP to the webspace, trying to offer people a full service deal through the internet, to cater to all of their needs, not just printing...
Rich: Whoa, hold it right there. Can I interrupt for a minute? Sorry, sorry, can I say something?
Jan: Sure.
Rich: Gees, I know this will sound weird, but I'm thirsty. Carl are you thirsty?
Carl: Now that you mention it, I am a little bit parched.
Rich: Yeah, I'm really thirsty all of a sudden. I could use a little coffee but oops... oh man, the coffee maker in the lunchroom is broken. Gees, what am I going to do?
Carl: Me, I like Starbucks. You gotta a Starbucks close by the plant Rich?
Rich: Yeah, we do, hey that's a good idea, maybe I just slip out and grab a grand latte with almond no foam... ooops!
Carl: What?
Rich: Carl, it's the weirdest thing. I took my wallet out of my back pocket and holy cow, I don't have any money in my wallet.
Carl: Wow, that's weird. Are you saying you're losing money?
Rich: I guess I am. It's like somebody is taking money out of my back pocket. Wow, imagine that. I guess I can't order anymore lattes until I get some money put back in my pocket. Oh never mind, now what we were taking about?
Carl: Marketscrew.
Rich: Oh yeah, Marketscrew.
Jan and Francis: (Silence)
Carl: You know, let's not talk about Marketscrew. There's not a lot to say there. Why don't we talk about something else?
Jan (sounding relieved): Sure, no problem, what else would you guys like to talk about?
Rich: Ah, you know the future. You guys and us guys. Where we are going . Where we would like to go.
Carl: The bad news.
Jan: What bad news.
Rich: Oh you know. The economy. It stinks you know.
Carl: And the competition. The competition you know is just brutal. Rich's boys are just killing us, you know.
Rich: Whoa, whoa, Carl-baby, us killing you guys? Try the other way around. You guys are killing us!
Carl: Get out of here, you crazy funster. Hey somebody is taking food of our plates.
Rich: Yeah, and that's bad news. You gonna tell them?
Carl: Oh heck, you do the honors.
Rich: Jan and Francis, we got some news. Tough times mean we can't buy anymore of your stuff. Indigoes, proofers, you name it, we can't buy it.
Carl: Don't forget to mention ink and paper...
Rich: And the consumable deals? We gotta look at that too. We gotta look at everything.
Carl: Especially the consumables. You know, times are so tough. And there always seems to be new competitors in the market, taking another bite out of the pie. I'm sure you guys understand why we have to freeze... ...everything.
Jan: Carl and Rich, I'm really sorry to hear this. Is there anything we can do?
Rich (whispering): Killmarketscrewstonefrickindead
Francis: What was that?
Rich: Nothing. Just a cough.
Carl: Anyhow, sorry to break on that you guys. We'll see how things go in the next couple of months and get back to you if anything changes. But now I gotta go. I gotta catch a flight.  To Rochester.
Rich: Rochester? That's funny, I'm traveling there too.
Carl: Really? What a coincidence! I wonder if Kevin is going there too.
Rich: If his back is healed.
Carl: Alright, well ta-ta for now.
---End of  Transcript ---

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Toni Deal April 10, 2009 at 8:25 am

This was hilarious, I laughed for 10 minutes. I work for a company that tried something similar to this years ago, before web to print was actually popular, and we still feel the repercussions with our customers and their trust. I know that we are all looking for ways to support ourselves and our customers, but directly soliciting print from consumers is a slap in the face. Whether it goes to people that have your product or not, makes commercial printers into trade printers with very low margins. I wonder if HP is looking at making a partnership with Vistaprint, printers love them too.

Joseph D Falcone April 14, 2009 at 11:15 am

Res Ipsa Loquitor!

Curtis Johnson April 22, 2009 at 4:39 am

I want my vendors supporting me, not competing with me. I would hope that HP concentrates on creating better marketing products for my clients instead of marketing to my clients.

Maybe, HP should have approached this from the other end by developing a HP print provider network first. Every client that has HP commercial equipment could have the opportunity to bid on leads developed by MarketSplash (the HubCast model). MarketSplash could be a transparent network of HP print providers that could drive more pages to HP printers (for HP profit), and a value added service to commercial printers that invest in HP hardware. This sounds more like a win-win arrangement compared the win-lose situation that is alienating commercial printers who bought HP equipment and now are competing with MarketSplash and its privileged arrangements with their selected print providers.

anonymous former marketsplash employee October 27, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Funny write up. I’m sure that’s how most of HP enterprise printer customers felt. Well…clearly enough of them did! Chalk this one up as a victory for the little guy. I’m probably under some NDA since it hasn’t been very long since I left MarketSplash….but you guys caused quite a toss up over there. It’s a shell of what it was a couple years ago. I wonder if the little guy who sold out to HP is regretting it now…

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