Making Money with the Kindle

by admin on March 5, 2009

Okay, so the Kindle 2 was released last month and the response was underwhelming. Of course, Amazon is still having problems keeping the Kindle in stock so I can understand they are not worried if people say it's still overpriced.

I blogged about the first Kindle last year and pretty much said it was the kiss of death for North America printers. I exaggerated: Probably a combination of China off-shoring and the current economic crisis will whack a whole bunch of them this year and next. The ebook revolution probably won't bite seriously for another five years.

Anyhooo.....fortunately Amazon has made a bit of a pain in the rear end to get content on the Kindle, which may offer a opening for some printer to make a bit of coin. Let's say you are middling-size regional printer with a Prinergy system that has about 10,000 or so PDF documents containing books, magazines, catalogues, and various other publications that have some archival value. 

Offer to convert the document to Kindle format and stick it on the Amazon store, and share the proceeds fifty-fifty or whatever. Sure, some publishers may tell you to pound sand and do it themselves. But if you can automate process, you should be able to do far more efficiently than any publisher.

Or you can just ignore the coming revolution. Hey, you wouldn't be the first printer who's tried that approach.

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