Life of a consultant…

by admin on January 22, 2008

Friday: Big meet with the customer about the internet marketing strategy that we will be implementing in 2008. Show them how the Search Engine Optimizations geeks have already invaded their business niche and are manipulating rankings in Google. Customer signed off on the work to be done, yah, I get a paycheque for the forseeable future. Not a big one, but I don't have to sell blood to the private clinics this month.

Lost out on another contract where a big site was having problems getting all their pages indexed by Google and needed to put together a site map. Sent them an email through the recruiter showing how pretty darn easy it was to make a site map for Google but there are other services I could offer them. Got a phone call back saying they had fixed their problem so they didn't need my services. Oh well.

E-mail from a guy who got laid off from Kodak and was looking for a good lawyer, boy I have NEVER gotten one of those before. Gave him a reference, too bad the law firms in Vancouver don't pay out referral fees.

E-mail from my sweet wifey pointing that a recruiting agency is looking for project managers to handle some public service projects. I love my wife and I trashed the email.

Monday was keyword research day and dealing with spamhaus yet freakin' again, our ip address got put on a spam watch-list YET again, I swear those paranoid anti-spam robots are going to drive me CRAZY.

Tuesday I consulted with a company downtown looking to publish a magazine. Unfortunately for me, their problem was simple. The printer they had been working with had quoted 4-6 weeks for turnaround. Problem was fixed by recommending they go with a sheefed printer instead of web.

I need to find companies that have bigger problems.

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Simon L January 23, 2008 at 12:55 am

Quebecor World seems to have a lots of big one. hee

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