Let’s go to Walmart for your Printing

by admin on September 2, 2009

It's Wednesday morning and the kiddies will be up in about 15 minutes or less. I have no writer's inspiration this morning. Not to say when it comes I write fabulously anyways. But today the brain is especially lazy. So when in doubt, cruise the internet for ideas. My fellow bloggers are always able to help me out, unwillingly or not.
Last month poor Richard wrote that Walmart is getting into the printing business and offering their usual rock-bottom low prices. I find this hilarious. And pray tell, what kind of printing is Walmart going to offer? High-quality stochastic offset with precise matching of spot color? Will they have Pantone color books available at cubicles to help customers get that logo matching just perfectly?
Ummmm, no. They are offering crappy business cards and crappy postcards and the usual newsletter special to be printed on some sort of digital copier and I assume the higher print runs will sent out to some sort of offset press running at 175lpi, if not 150lpi.
Walmart is sorta going to be like the service bureau of the 1990s, only with lower pay, if that is possible.
Should you be worried? Well, if you a small printer and you are not differentiating on quality and dependability, and oh if you haven't moved your whole ordering and processing process onto your website, then yeah, you should be worried. But partner, don't blame Walmart if your business is going down the tubes. The barriers to entry for that kind of work is so low, anybody with a digital copier can offer cheap business cards and crappy postcards. Walmart offers that service now. Maybe tomorrow it's 7-Eleven. Maybe next week it's my Mom. She's been playing with Facebook now for the last few months so she's getting pretty good with a mouse.
I mean, really, have you innovated at all in the last five years?

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