Kutano: The Power Twitter Tool

by admin on November 18, 2009

Hey, they are tweeting about me

Hey, they are tweeting about me

So I reviewed Kutano last April and I played with it again just awhile ago. They've really ramped up the Twitter integration, if you can see that from the sidebar. For example, I can see that there are 200 tweets about my blog in the last little while, which is sorta ego-boosting (well, maybe notso if I read some of the tweets, but I didn't). That's a nice little feature in itself. You can also tweet out with a link to the website you're looking at, as well as start a general discussion on the website that links back to the Kutano website.

You know, it's pretty amazing how fast this stuff breaks out and becomes a part of the culture.  I remember when I got laid-off five years ago almost to the day. As part of the severance, they enrolled me and a bunch of other ex-Creoites in a "find-work" course that ran for about 5 weeks. As part of the internet strategy for finding work, they gave us a list of web sites listing recruiters and jobs boards. There was no social media at all. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Linkedin.

Now if you want to stay in touch with people, if you want to network, then you gotta doing something on one of those applications. I know I would be, if I wasn't busy with blogging.

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