Kodak’s First Quarter Earnings 2009

by admin on May 1, 2009

It was a brutal quarter with sales falling 30% pretty much across the board,
although the Graphic Communication Group only fell 26%  (small consolation). Net loss was $360 million, and they have about $1.3 billion in cash to burn.

No, I haven't looked at the stock price today, it's probably volatile as heck. They have cut the dividend.

I am  scanning the transcript of the conference call with the analysts and nothing really jumps out at me. It's being said that consumer inkjet sales are up 100% but I didn't see any hard numbers associated with that. I mean, what's the gross?

No breakout numbers for inkjets presses either, although they talk a lot about the Stream Technology Inkjet press coming out in early 2010.

Well, with these numbers, early better mean January/February and not November/December.

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