Kodak Watch: Waiting for Christmas

by admin on July 10, 2009

Chief Executive Antonio Perez of Kodak says the  cash position "now is fine." So no bankruptcy this summer (earnings to come in at the end of July).

Begin quote

"Perez said the retailers that the photography and electronics company deals with "believe Christmas will be much better than last Christmas," according to report Tuesday on the Wall Street Journal website.

The retailers have been telling Kodak they see the second quarter as the "bottom" for the economic downturn, the report quoted."

End Quote

Well okay, that's great that it won't be the summer of pain in Burnaby BC (Canadian HQ for Kodak commercial graphics) but it's still not really a hallelujah. The economic data coming in is still REALLY mixed, with most observers saying that things are getting better. But some people are still saying we are staying in the toilet a bit longer.

In which case, Kodak better have a lot of cash stashed somewhere.

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