Kodak Watch II: Executive Turnover

by admin on July 12, 2009

Linkedin has the news that Stan Coleman has left Creo to join CopperLeaf Technologies as a V.P.

For those of you who don't know, Stan was one of the driving forces behind Prinergy, along with Dave Kauffman, Judi Hess, and Jim Firstbrook (yeah, I left out a few people, I know, I know).

Judi and Dave are still at Kodak. Jim left in 2008. Kevin Ishiguro left a couple of years to head up Kutano (he was #2 behind Stan in the workflow group). All in all, it's not exactly great news that Stan left, but you can't say executive turnover has been high under the reign of Perez (at least in regard to the workflow gr0up).

Even though Kodak's CEO is giving warm fuzzies about the cash flow situation, I think everyone will breathe easier when Labour day has come. The annual purges of August are usually the worst of the year.

Update: Got an email today  confirming that Judi has left Kodak as  well, although her linkedin profile has not yet been updated. (She left sometime before Stan.)

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